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Arranging a funeral is a very personal and emotional time. Please find information in this section that will help guide you through the process. If you need immediate help, please call 01332 345268. We are here for you 24/7.

When someone close to you dies, it can be difficult to know what to do, when and how to start the funeral arrangements. Whether your loved one has died at home, in hospital, in a nursing home or even abroad, we can liaise with the relevant organisations to support you at this time of need. On your initial contact, we may advise, if applicable, the removal of the deceased back to our chapel of rest.

When you feel able to discuss funeral arrangements for your loved one, we can do this at our premises, visit you at home, or in some cases over the telephone. We will guide you through arranging a funeral to ensure your personal wishes are carried out.

To help you through this difficult time, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions below and information that you will be asked for during the funeral arrangement process.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it will hopefully help you to prepare yourself for the arrangement of a funeral. Please feel free to contact us at any stage for further advice or fill out the form to the right and we will respond directly to you.

Having never arranged a funeral before, we were daunted, but from the minute we telephoned, we were in good hands. Exemplary staff met all of our needs. We felt listened to and respected, and strange to say, we actually enjoyed the funeral as a celebration of our dad’s life – exactly what we wanted.


Wathall’s provides a bespoke service which is tailored to you and your loved one’s wishes.  Please click here for further information on some of the key aspects of the services that we offer.

What you should do when someone dies?
The first thing you need to do after someone dies is get a medical certificate detailing the cause of death. If the person died in a hospital, this should have been given to you by a member of staff. If they died at home, you’ll need to call their GP to get a medical certificate.
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When to contact Wathall's
If your loved one has passed away at home, you firstly need a death certificate signed by a GP. Arrangements can be made before the funeral is registered, but they need to have registered before the funeral takes place.
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Organ donation
Hopefully your loved one will have shared their wishes and preferences about organ donation.
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Burial or Cremation?
Across Derbyshire and Staffordshire there are a variety of options available to families. Hopefully, your loved one will have shared with you whether they would prefer to be cremated or buried. If not, your choice between them will probably be based on a number of different factors.
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Burial and Cremation Costs
The average cost of a funeral in the UK is just over £4,000.
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What happens when the Coroner is involved?
A small number of deaths have to be reported to the coroner before they can be registered and the document allowing the funeral to go ahead can be issued.
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How & when should I register a death?
A death should be registered within five working days but registration can be delayed for another nine days if the registrar is told that a medical certificate has been issued.
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How long do I need to wait before having the funeral?
When a loved one passes away, deciding when to have a funeral can be quite difficult for some families. Giving yourself plenty of time to make a final decision will enable you to create a more personal send off and celebrate the deceased’s life in a meaningful and unique way.
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What is embalming?
When it comes to organising the funeral of a loved one, one of the questions you will be asked is whether you would like them to be embalmed.
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How to choose a memorial
Wathall’s work closely with Art Stone Memorials in Stapenhill and Alvaston.
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What to do after a funeral
After the funeral has taken place, there may still be a number of things you need to do and we hope that this outline is useful during this difficult time.
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What is an interment of ashes?
The interment of ashes is where cremation remains are placed in a permanent resting place. These range from dedicated family plots and cemeteries to private gardens and woodlands. Wathall’s provides an interment service and we can take you through the steps of holding a service once the cremation has taken place. The interment of ashes ceremony or service includes collecting the ashes and then placing or burying them in a location that loved ones can visit. This can also be marked, depending on the location, with a lasting memorial to mark the final resting place.
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We hope that this printable list will prepare you for the questions you will be asked when you speak to us. This list is intended as a guide only, and you can contact us at any stage for further advice and assistance.

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